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Lumi United Technology Co., Ltd.


It is not difficult to see from the name of the enterprise that there is some connection between Lumi and Xiaomi. 


Lumi belongs to Xiaomi's ecological chain enterprise.

Aqara, a provider for smart home products.

In 2009, Shenzhen Lumi Lianchuang Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established, and its initial business was mainly energy-saving transformation and intelligent transformation of public buildings.


In 2014, Lumi did smart home, and due to a shortage of funds, Xiaomi invested in Lumi when the company was in difficulty. Lumi joined the Xiaomi ecological chain, focusing on the product research and development of Xiaomi smart home, focusing on the research and promotion of low-power innovative smart home systems.

In 2014, at that time, it was still called Shenzhen Lutuo Technology Co., Ltd., and received heavy capital injection from Xiaomi, Shunwei and other companies, and officially changed its name to Lumi. Since then, Lumi's main business has changed to smart home, becoming a member of Xiaomi's ecological chain.


In 2015, the first product, the "Xiaomi Smart Home" set, was released.

In 2015, Lumi released the first set of smart home products. In less than a year, the sales volume of the product reached 1 million, and the product categories of Lumi have also expanded from 4 to 15, covering smart home air conditioning, security, lighting and other market segments.


In 2016, it launched its own brand Aqara, Aqara through a series of smart home product technology and service provider model, for users to build a smart life, at present, Aqara products have entered 192 countries, more than 9,000 cities, a total of more than 2 million users.

in 2016, Aqara is a leading smart home provider with offices in New York, Shenzhen and Seoul. The Company provides comprehensive smart home products and solutions that are beautifully designed, long-lasting, and easy to use.

Lumi belongs to Xiaomi's ecological chain enterprise.


in August 2018,Aqara’s first own-brand hub came out in China


Like many Xiaomi ecological chain enterprises, when the enterprise develops to a certain scale, gets rid of the "shackles" of millet and pursues independent development, it becomes a new topic faced by enterprises, and the same is true for green rice.


According to Liang Zhenpeng, an observer of industrial economy, "many Xiaomi's ecological chain enterprises are 'de-milletized' after becoming bigger and stronger, because Xiaomi takes the low-end route of extreme cost performance, which will form a certain resistance for enterprises that want to switch to the high-end market in the later stage." However, in the process of transformation, the comprehensive ability of enterprises is very tested, and it is difficult for Lumi. ”



In 2020,Times reporter statistics found that since 2020, some new products of Aqara, a brand of Lumi, no longer support the Mijia APP, but instead support platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Lumi APP, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The gateway M2, which was listed in 2021, was even criticized by netizens because it could not be interconnected with the Mijia APP.


At present, although Lumi, which is gradually moving away from Xiaomi, has reached new cooperation with Apple, Google, etc., it does not seem to have caused much splash in the market. The Times reporter noticed that on the Taobao platform, as of December 14, only one product that did not support the Mijia APP ranked in the top ten in the monthly sales ranking of green rice single products.



In September 2021, Aqara announced support for the Matter Protocol, which allows its products to interconnect with Matter-enabled devices around the world to enable interoperability between different brand products.


Products range from a variety of smart sensors to switches, curtain controllers, and smart door locks.

Over the last few years, Aqara has opened more than 700 Aqara stores to provide more personalized smart home solutions for individual households and businesses.


Aqara currently serves  with distribution partners in the United States, EU, Southeast Asia, Korea, and China.

The Company also offers one of the most comprehensive suite of HomeKit compatible smart home solutions in the market, and its products can also be found in Apple Stores across Europe and Asia. 


The Company also open its Aqara Home app to support third-party Matter devices.



Aqara Customer Support

support is a Bot, no email no phone just a stupid bot.


Aqara Product List

Zigbee is a standalone radio protocol. Aqra produce only Zigbee compatible products, not kit based on other protocols.

Aqra make both modules for others, and their own hardware. Some use Wi-Fi, and probably some use Zigbee, but again are seperate.

Note:Aqara doesn't sell any Bluetooth LE devices.


aqara product list-1.png


 EU/International version or the Chinese version




aqara hub


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aqara Sensor version comparison


Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor










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